Tuesday, March 04, 2003

March IMPACT 2003
Information Medium for Parents Against Cruel Therapy
Claudette Shows the Way
Claudette Grieb is an FMS mother in Ontario, Canada. On June 4, 1998, her accusing daughter, Jackie, depressed and desperate, hanged her little daughter, Dagmar, and then herself. Since then, Claudette has worked relentlessly, collecting evidence, writing and talking to groups, individuals, public and private in Ontario in a continuing fight for reason and justice.

Here is part of Claudette Grieb’s letter to the Attorney General last month:

February 1, 2003

Ministry of the Attorney General
11th Floor 720 Bay Street Toronto, Ontario M5G 2K1
Attn: The Hon. David S. Young

Dear Mr. Young,
In your letter to me, dated Jan. 23, 2003, you state that the Community Justice Initiative of Waterloo Region program staff provides "short-term" peer counselling, and refer women who require longer-term help to the appropriate services in their community. That is false. Even though my daughter showed serious depression and suicidal ideation, these unlicensed and poorly trained staff members did not encourage her to seek the professional help and medication she needed. Nor did they recognize that they were dealing with a seriously mentally ill/suicidal individual. Rather, these "facilitators" continued with the unscientific therapies and false beliefs planted in her mind by Chris Hutchinson, an unlicensed “counsellor”, BEFORE she brought my daughter to this government-funded centre, causing further deterioration of her mental health.
The danger of your ministry providing services, without adequate guidelines and monitoring of what goes on behind closed doors, is the crux of the matter. Never in the history of Psychiatry has so much "hatred" been taught by Mental Health Care workers and unqualified therapists, who have for too many years, made these quack therapies their "cash cow". What we have here, due to your Government's willful blindness, is the unnecessary deaths of two innocent human beings. How can you be so obtuse? Your government-funded employees, left my poor brainwashed and deranged daughter isolated and penniless. She had our unconditional love and financial support, but her "counsellor" and the government-funded Centre advised her to divorce herself from her family.
They caused her insanity, and your "arms length" attitude is a cop out! Why is your Provincial Government turning a blind eye? Why have you not answered my question regarding my request for an inquest into the wrongful deaths of my daughter and granddaughter? I am demanding that you, sir, allow the truth to come out at an inquest which is overdue.

If there is no positive change and intervention, I will endeavour to bring this "counsellor" and your government-funded Community Justice Initiative Centre to trial on charges of libelous/slanderous charges made against me.


Ms. Claudette Grieb, 614-35 Green Valley Drive, Kitchener, Ontario N2P 2A5

Dear Friends,

On February 7, Claudette emailed me:

Dear Dave,

Mr. Romanow was on a countrywide TV program to answer to Canadians on the final Federal funding tabled by the Prime Minister, Jean Chrietien, when I telephoned the TV station.

When I got on I said: "Mr. Romanow, I can't thank you enough for the honour of quoting me in you final Federal report regarding Mental Health Care in Canada." Mr. Romanow interjected: "Hello Claudette, and I can't thank you enough for presenting an eloquent and fact-based case proving that Mental Health Care is the neglected child of the Health Care System."

I replied: "Mr. Romanow, if you were to run as the next Prime Minister, I'd vote for you." The station interviewer then laughed and said: "According to the last Reid poll, Mr. Romanow would have a great chance of becoming the next Prime Minister." Then I said: "Mr. Romanow, on the issue of accountability, please stay the course. Demand that the provinces stop funding Mental Health Quackery that can kill people. Please do not allow my girls to have died in vain.”


These examples are only two of the many letters, calls, appearances, etc. that Claudette has made since the death of her daughter and granddaughter. Please note that Claudette is not spending her effort talking to other FMS parents who already know what the problem is, she is talking to government officials. And while these contacts are impressive, I think it is her angry, assertive tone that makes the greatest IMPACT. What do you think would happen if all of us made as much noise as Claudette does?
Along with this issue, please find another brochure which can be used in the same way that the “Stop the Rape of Women’s Minds” brochure is used, namely planting them in libraries, bookstores and anywhere else that young women might find them. Incidentally, if you have any neat ideas of places to leave either “Stop the Rape” or “Don’t Get Burned”, please let me know so I can pass it along to our other members.
Next month, I will introduce an addition to our website aimed at warning young women about the dangers of Recovered Memory Therapy. Hopefully, that website and the related bulletin which will advertise it to young women may save some other families the grief that we suffer.

David P. Hunter Pass it on!
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